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  • Jute Bags, Non Woven Bags, PP Laminate Bags, Roto Covers

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  • Holographic Stickers and Labels


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Bags Manufacturer

«Jute Bags, Non Woven Bags, PP Laminate Bags & Roto Covers»

Holographic Sticker & Label

«Custom Holographic Stickers and Labels Printer and Manufacturer»

Synthetic Food Flavor

«Diya - A leading synthetic food flavor available in all fragrance»

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Soul Star Consolidated

We are leader in Jute Bags, Non Woven Bags, PP Laminate bags, Roto Covers manufacturer. We supply all over India on demand.

We are in Printing industry and print quality hologram stickers and labels for your product.

In Synthetic Food Industry, we are manufacturer of Almost all types of synthetic Food Fragrance on brand Name "Diya"

Gagan Nahata
Founder and Director
Six steps for growing

Our Special Technologies

bussiness A+

One of the easiest ways to germinate seed is to place it directly in a specialized starter cube.

Just keep starter cubes moist and warm. Seedlings should pop in a few days to a week.

In this stage, our plant will focus only on cannabis getting big and strong, like a kid.

Our cannabis goes through "puberty" and basically reveals whether they are a boy or a girl.

It's important to pay close attention to your cannabis plants during the Flowering stage.

The hardest part of growing cannabis for many grower's is waiting for the right time to harvest.


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